Shopiago Grows Your Online Sales

Shopiago helps you grow your sales of new and pre-loved items online.

The online selling platform that works with you to make a difference

Shopiago’s multi listing platform will help you sell more online. It’s easy to use, designed to save you time, and to get the best price possible for your items. Each product is powerful, but the real magic happens when you use them together. Explore our three products to see how we can help you.




        What is Shopiago Ecommerce?

        What is Shopiago Trade-in?

        Learn and grow together

        Shopiago provides a robust onboarding programme for all our users. Our customer success team will be in regular contact to help you to get the most out of the platform. And, if you have any queries, we are always on hand.


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        Start growing your online sales today

        With online software, a free initial trial and a support team eager to help you, it couldn't be easier to start selling online. Whether you have multiple shops or sell from home.

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        4000 shops across 800 charities

        are using Shopiago to generate vital funds for their cause



        What is an online product listing software?

        It’s a fancy way of saying that we help you sell more online.

        Is Shopiago just for charities?

        No! Shopiago was developed with charities in mind, but is useful for many types of businesses. Shopiago offers so much more!

        Is there training to use Shopiago Ecommerce?

        Yes, we offer a robust onboarding programme to train you and your staff to use the system successfully.

        Is there a free trial period?

        For the first three months, if you feel Shopiago is not right for you, you can end the agreement at no additional cost. There is a monthly subscription fee for Shopiago Ecommerce. After your trial period, we take a small percentage of your sales which will decrease the more you sell.

        Are all the Shopiago tools free?

        We charge fees for Shopiago Ecommerce. However, Shopiago Trade-in and Shopiago Collection are free to use. In fact, we pay you for your items!

        How much time does Shopiago take to set up?

        It depends on the size of your business and which product you’re using. Shopiago Trade-in and Shopiago Collection are quick and easy to start using upon signing up. You can view the software online and scan using your mobile phone or tablet. Shopiago Ecommerce is also easy to start using, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will liaise with you to ensure you have the right marketplace accounts set up.