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The Shopiago Story

We support charities, companies and individuals to find new homes for used stock, saving tonnes of pre-loved items from a trip to landfill.

What is Shopiago?

Shopiago is a leading online ecommerce software, helping companies, charities and individuals find new markets for their goods and sell them faster and for better prices. Our commitment to helping online ecommerce operations has made Shopiago the easiest way to list multiple items with ease, with analytical tools to help online sellers get the right prices and sell items quickly.

What makes Shopiago different?

Shopiago is run by a team of experts who really understand online ecommerce. As part of World of Books Group, we are a certified B Corp, so we are deeply committed to the circular economy.
That’s why we’ve built software and services that cater to all needs. From charities listing donations online, to high-level brand seconds and bulk clearance of pre-loved stock, the Shopiago solution is easy to use, requires little training and feeds back valuable data to companies operating in the online ecommerce sector.

How does Shopiago work?

Shopiago’s software integrates with the world’s largest online marketplaces including eBay and Shopify – and we’re adding more all the time.
Our solution helps to list multiple products across different ecommerce marketplaces easily, reconciling sales between them, and tracking stock location, fulfilment and shipping.
Shopiago’s analytics tools help online ecommerce companies, charities and individuals find the best prices to list their items for, and tracks sales success across multiple branches to inspire success.
As experts in online ecommerce, Shopiago also offers dedicated support and training, as well as tips for how and when to sell items for the best possible results.

Who is Shopiago for?


Shopiago helps charities to broaden their retail from physical shops to the online space, transforming them into online ecommerce giants in the pre-loved arena. Our software helps manage, locate and distribute used stock, retain Gift Aid information and deal with large - scale clearances when needed.

Online retailers

Shopiago helps online ecommerce sellers give new life to old stock, pre-loved items and quality seconds. Our powerful software is built to provide a platform to reach beyond usual sales channels, while offering all the scale and amenities large retailers have grown accustomed to.

Individual ecommerce sellers

Shopiago turns cottage industries into powerful retailers, offering access to the world’s biggest sales platforms through software that takes the work out of bringing pre-loved stock to market. Shopiago helps individual ecommerce sellers find new sales channels, sell faster and for better prices.

The Shopiago Ethos


Shopiago was founded on an ethos to do good. As part of the World of Books Group, we are a B Corp certified company, helping people, communities and the world’s natural resources. Whatever your objectives, we’re here to help, but our real goal is to find n ew homes for old goods, and save the planet one sale at a time.