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2023 Product Roadmap

Our Product Roadmap sets out our focus areas and helps us to share our direction with you. We use it to make sure that what we're working on is the most impactful to you and our services. We compiled this using input from our customers directly and through focus groups, along with our internal experts.

Our Ecommerce Roadmap

2023 Ecommerce Strategy

2023 sees us start year three of our ‘Easier, Faster, Simpler’ Ecommerce strategy.
Easier Reach, control and scalability across multiple marketplaces​
Faster Operational efficiency from donation to dispatch​
Simpler Accessible and intuitive for a diverse array of users​

We will continue to push ourselves, and our partners to bring innovative solutions to the sector, to drive our collective sustainability mission, and help charities raise as much as possible for their worthy causes.


Thom Bryan, Business Development Director at Shopiago

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How did we form the Product Roadmap?

We are an agile team, comprised of product, engineering, customer success, marketing and work collaboratively with our clients via our Product Council to inform key changes. As such, we are used to priorities changing often. It’s important we reflect this in our Product Roadmap, so we will update this to reflect key updates that we feel are of importance to your experience.
*Please note, we reserve the right to change these areas of focus, dependent on strategic priorities, at any given time. 
First, we collected feedback from our customers and our internal teams
We assessed the benefits/impact of each item, and used this to pull together a short list
We scored the shortlist using RICE methodology (Reach, Impact, Confidence and Effort) and used this to prioritise items into categories
We assessed resource for the ‘In progress’ column
We discussed and agreed this list with our Product Council
We published the Roadmap

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