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Product description

Shopiago Trade-in is for anyone with second-hand books, CDs, DVDs or computer games taking up space in their warehouse or shop. You might be a charity with low value donations clogging up space that could be used for higher value items, an individual with a large collection or a business with surplus stock.

Pricing structure

It’s completely free to open an account. Use your phone, tablet, or hand scanner to scan the barcode of each item. Shopiago Trade-in will offer you a cash price for each item, and pay the money directly into your chosen bank account.

What is Shopiago Trade-in?

Shopiago Trade-in takes the pain out of online selling.

Shopiago Trade-in

  • Scan second-hand books, CDs, DVDs and computer games
  • Free up storage space for higher value items
  • Web based account - easy to set up and access
  • Scan the barcodes using a phone, web cam or a hand-held scanner
  • Get an instant price
  • Book a free courier collection
  • Access instant reporting to see the volumes collected across your network, and how much you’ve earned.
  • Get paid directly into your chosen bank account


Tonnes of media diverted from waste

Over 1.5 million

Books and media traded for instant cash so far


Made on average per year additional revenue for your charity

Instant cash for your pre-loved media.

Shopiago Trade-in is the easiest way to free up storage or retail space taken up by low value second-hand books, CDs, DVDs and games. All you do is scan the barcodes and box up your items. We’ll do the rest - rehoming, donating or recycling your items.
We pay fair prices for second-hand books, CDs, DVDs and computer games. With Shopiago Trade-in, you’ll not only reclaim valuable space for revenue generating items, you’ll get paid cash quickly. There’s no fuss, and no stress.
Clear valuable retail space and join the thousands of retail shops who have diverted books and media traded for instant cash. 
Scan away
Pack & send
Get paid
Shopiago Trade-in couldn’t be simpler. Just find the low value items you don’t want to create individual listings for. Scan the item’s barcode or enter the ISBN/EAN number and you’ll be offered an instant price. We understand that not every pre-loved item is worth listing individually. After all, to list and fulfil an order for a CD, DVD, book or computer game might end up being more work than the sale can justify. Trade-in offers you a profitable way to move stock on.

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The time we save by producing figures at the drop of a hat is a real treat, and you can quite easily lose yourself in all the metrics Shopiago has to offer.

Emma David
eBay Donated Manager, Sue Ryder

We didn’t need any formal training as the platform is quite intuitive to use. The Shopiago team were on hand to offer support when we needed it, and provided helpful user guides which were easy to follow. Shopiago's developers listened to our feedback and were able to implement some of our suggestions.

Sanphra Willmott
Book Sales Manager at Suffolk Libraries

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